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Court orders Livan Hernandez's wages with Atlanta Braves garnished

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A Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge issued an order Monday to garnish ex-Washington Nationals pitcher Livan Hernandez’s wages with the Atlanta Braves.

Hernandez owes SunTrust Bank $469,387.22 from a line of credit and promissory note, according to a summary judgment entered against him in October.

The court previously ordered garnishment of Hernandez’s wages with the Nationals and Houston Astros. But Hernandez was a free agent, not a member of the Nationals, when the first order was issued Dec. 20. And the Astros cut Hernandez, at spring training on a minor league contract, 11 days after the second continuing writ of garnishment was issued.

The Braves signed Hernandez to a one-year, $750,000 contract March 30. In three games out of the bullpen, the 37-year-old allowed nine hits and three runs over 5.2 innings.

Here’s more background on the money Hernandez owes, the garnishment orders and another financial entanglement.

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