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Michelle Obama to lead delegation to the Olympics

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First lady Michelle Obama will lead a presidential delegation to the 2012 Olympic Games in London next month, the White House announced Friday.

Mrs. Obama will be joined by Louis B. Susman, U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland; past U.S. Olympic gold medal winners Brandi Chastain, Dominique Dawes, Grant Hill and Summer Sanders; and Paralympic gold medalist Gabriel Diaz de Leon.

“This summer I’ll be cheering on Team U.S.A. at the Olympic Games in London with this distinguished group of champions who truly represent the best of our country,” Mrs. Obama said in a statement.

“Olympians and Paralympians are true American heroes and role models for all of us, especially our young people. And I know that this delegation will help inspire a generation of young people to get into the Olympic spirit by getting active and healthy so they can reach their fullest potential and reach their dreams.”

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