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TWIT: The Week in Tweets, June 8

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Fantasy lede: “WASHINGTON — The #Braves shut down hot-hitting Stephen Strasburg on Saturday, but still lost 2-0 to the #Nationals.” #Nats

Morse, in return to #Nats lineup, has four bounce outs to SS in four trips to the plate. What’s that, a Golden Groundhog? #MLB #Braves

A perfectly unanswerable question: Who hit the ball the farthest in #MLB history — that is, if you laid all his hits end to end?

How about this as a nickname for Bryce Harper: Kid Sock. (Copyright pending.) #Nats #MLB

#Thunder’s Serge Ibaka making 11 of 11 FGs reminds me of #Celtics‘ Scott Wedman doing same thing — with four 3s — vs. LA in ‘85 Finals.

Here’s the box of the Wedman game (which I covered). The kicker: He went 0 for 2 on FTs. #Thunder #Celtics


At the ballpark, where the #Nationals will try to lay waste to the #Braves for the fifth time in five games this season. #MLB

4 lefties in bullpen now that #Nats have called up Mike Gonzalez. 1980 #WhiteSox had 4 LH starters (Burns, Trout, Baumgarten, Kravec). #MLB

The #Braves had a 19-year-old like Bryce Harper once — Andruw Jones. Homered in his first two World Series at bats in 1996 vs. NYY. #Nats

I honestly think Harper is making some of his teammates feel inadequate. They’re certainly swinging the bat that way. #MLB

A day after his Golden Groundhog (4 bouncers to the shortstop), Morse is halfway to a Golden Sombrero. #Nats #MLB

Teddy was so pathetic in today’s Presidents Race, you would have thought he was running up San Juan Hill. #Nats #MLB

It’s like the #Nats returned the opening KO for a TD, intercepted a pass on the first series for another score, and have punted ever since.

Not vintage Gio today. More like Chevy Geo. But he’s managing so far. #Nats #Braves #MLB

Gio, channeling his Inner H-Rod, just threw one to the backstop. #Nats #Braves #MLB

When your 3 hitter is slugging .338 and your 5 guy is fresh out of rehab, every run looks big to you. That’s where the #Nats are at. #MLB

Harper’s biggest problem isn’t that he’s been thrown out trying to stretch hits 2 days in row. It’s that nobody’s on base when he does. #Nats

That’s my way of saying: How much longer can Davey wait to move him to the middle of the order? #Nats #MLB


Keep seeing replays of #Tiger‘s flop shot. Every time, I think: He can’t possibly make this again. #Memorial #PGATour

Which raises an interesting question: Who was better at 19, #Tiger Woods or Bryce Harper? (Don’t answer too quickly.) #Nats #Memorial

Love old-time relief pitchers. In Jim Konstanty’s 1950 Cy Young year, he had stints of 10 and 9 innings. #Phillies #MLB

The #NFL says: “replacement officials.” I think: “mail-order brides.” #AdventuresInZebrahood

Every time the #NFLPA issues a statement, it loses more credibility. Backing #NFL refs because of their role as “first responders”? Please.

… Safety in the #NFL starts with the players themselves. How important is it, really, to take somebody’s head off? #NFLPA

The #NFL and #NFLPA are just in one long pissing match now. Anything the league does, the union will find fault with.

The highlight of Dwyane Wade’s interview in NYT Sunday Magazine: “Every man should travel with baby wipes.” #Heat #NBA


Thought about using an electric vehicle charging station at FedEd Field today, but then I realized: I don’t have an electric car. #Redskins

Was at FedEx, by the way, for 2012 #Redskins credentialing, which involves fingerprinting. Next year: Retinal scans. #NFL

Maybe, to avoid confusion about no-contact rule for OTAs, #NFL should say to teams: “Just tell the players to pretend it’s the Pro Bowl.”

If #NFL does start season with replacement officials, it should broaden replay rules so that EVERYTHING is reviewable, including coin flips.

#Nats pitchers at the plate: You can’t stop them. You can only hope to contain them. Single by Zimmermann pushes Espi to third. #Mets #MLB

Fire Marshall Bill warming up in the #Nats bullpen. #HRod #Mets #MLB

You’ve heard of Air Jordans? Well, that was Err Jordanny. #Nats #Mets #MLB

If this #Nats game goes on much longer, they might have to bring in Ankiel to finish it. #Mets #MLB

Just when I was beginning to wonder whether Steve McCatty had any innings left in his arm, Bryce wins it. #Nats #Mets #MLB

The #Celtics‘ hidden star tonight: Mickael Pietrus, doing his very best James Posey ‘08 imitation. #Heat #NBA

One of the many reasons Harper is destined for greatness: Cuz he doesn’t get discouraged after a couple of iffy at bats. Self-belief. #Nats

… What we’re seeing, more and more, is that the kid lives for the next AB, lives for The Stage. You can’t teach that. #Nats

After #Nats‘ win, I was hoping Davey would say, “The best thing about Bryce’s [walk-off] hit is that he couldn’t try to stretch it to a 2B.”


The strategy of the #Saints players is clear: They’re going to throw Gregg Williams under the bus, and keep backing it up over him. #NFL

Thing is, #NFL players will say just about anything under duress. They might tear Achilles in hoops game + say they did it training. #Saints

As Mike Shanahan will soon discover, Richmond in August ain’t exactly Greeley, Colo. #Redskins #TrainingCampMove #Broncos #NFL

 At least the #Redskins aren’t moving training camp to a mysterious island, where their team plane would be met by a midget named Tattoo.

I think I know which horse Justin Blackmon is betting on in the Belmont. #IllHaveAnother #Jaguars #NFL

What worries me most about the #NFL‘s threat to hire replacement officials is that, in the interim, Ed Hochuli might lose some muscle tone.

I never realized until tonight how much Joey Crawford looks like Dr. Evil. #Spurs #Thunder #NBA #AustinPowers

#Spurs by 15 in the 2nd. The crowd in OKC looks glum. In fact, I think I saw a guy with a T-shirt that said: “I’d rather be fracking.” #NBA

#Nats have only 2 kinds of starting pitchers this year, it seems: winners and hard-luck losers. Congrats to Edwin Jackson for crossing over.


This is Derek Fisher’s 8th #NBA Finals (5 wins). How’s that for a career? #Thunder #Lakers

Here’s hoping Chien-Ming didn’t get up on the Wang side of the bed today. #Nats #Mets #MLB

#Pats release Ochocinco. But as luck would have it, the Allen Wranglers are looking for a receiver. #TO #NFL


I’ve got just one thing to say about I’ll Have Another being scratched from the #Belmont: … And Make It A Double.

Mr. Ed couldn’t save the #Belmont now.

On the plus side, at least I’ll Have Another isn’t pulling out because he has a concussion. #Belmont


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