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TWIT: The Week in Tweets, June 2

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Dario Franchitti wins No. 3. Does this make him the Hale Irwin of the #Indy500? And if so, what does that make Ashley Judd? #PGATour


Read in the Sunday NYT that a horsefly can live as long as 2 years. In other words, you can race horseflies as 2-year-olds. #Belmont

That Marlin monstrosity in CF in Miami reminds me of the early days of the #Dolphins. Had Flipper in a fish tank to “celebrate” scores. #Nats

The #Dolphins fired Flipper after their third season. SI gave their owner, Joe Robbie, grief about it. #Nats

Can’t see the name Giancarlo (Stanton) without thinking of the actor who played the drug lord in “Breaking Bad,” Giancarlo Esposito. #Nats

If these injuries at the catcher position keep up, the #Nats might have to sign Holden Caulfield. #CatcherintheRye

I know he’s a little dinged, but it’s like Ray Allen has developed Steve Blass Disease (basketball version). #Celtics #Heat #NBA


Just noticed something. Antawn Jamison is 754 points away from becoming the 42nd 20,000-point scorer in #NBA/ #ABA history. #Wizards

Just noticed something, Part 2: Juwan Howard ($151,465,633) has made almost as much in #NBA career as Paul Pierce ($152,695,873). #Wizards

Every time I see That Thing out in center field at the #Marlins‘ new stadium, all I can think of is Carmen Miranda.

What Harper is showing during this hitting streak is that, sooner or later, he’s gonna getcha. He’s the new Sheriff Gonna Getcha. #Nats

Was hoping Ozzie would bring in Fidel Castro to close. But nope, it’s Heath Bell again. #Nats #Marlins #MLB

“[He] could no longer be tolerated by the #Wrangler organization.” Been waiting for an owner to say that about T.O. for … ever. #NFL

Hanley Ramirez finished 1st, Ryan Zimmerman 2nd and Anibal Sanchez tied for 9th. What am I talking about? #Nats #Marlins #MLB

Answer: The 2006 NL Rookie of the Year voting. #Nats #Marlins #MLB


Three straight nights of Heath “Taco” Bell. The man makes a mockery of physical fitness. #Nats #MLB #Marlins

The #Nats‘ only HR in the three-game Miami set was hit by Jordan Zimmermann. I’ll let that sink in. #Marlins #MLB

The #Celtics bench in Game 2: 49 minutes, 7 points, 17 fouls. Good lord. #Heat #NBA


Out at #Redskins‘ OTA, where I’m prepared to serve as a Human Shield, if necessary, to protect Mike Shanahan from further harm. #NFL

If you’ve ever wondered why Mount Union wins so many D-3 football titles, it’s because they have ringers like Pierre Garcon. #Redskins

The winning word, by the way, in the National Spelling Bee was Saltalamacchia. #RedSox #MLB

Does James Harden, who succeeded Lamar Odom as the winner of the #NBA’s Sixth Man Award, get a trophy or a Kardashian? #Thunder #Lakers

If #Spurs go all the way, you’ll be able to say that 16 of last 22 #NBA titles have been won by either Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich. Wow.


When #Bullets had 7-7 Manute and 5-3 Muggsy, Ken Denlinger wrote: “all that’s missing is the bearded lady.” Harden would do. #Wizards #NBA

Just wondering: What was the last Oklahoma team to win a pro championship, the ‘83 Tulsa Roughnecks? #NASL #Thunder #NBA

The #NFL has a ledger of the #Saints‘ bounty payments? Wasn’t that the beginning of the end for Al Capone in “The Untouchables”?

Tim Thomas says he might sit out next season. Of course, he could come back in January if Republicans retake the White House. #Bruins #NHL

What do you call the #Mets‘ waiting 51 years for their first no-hitter, The Curse of Nolan Ryan? #MLB #Cardinals


The thing about #Tiger now is that even though he’s in the lead, you have no feel for whether he can close. In the past, you did. #Memorial

I’m just old enough to miss names like Kermit Zarley and, most musical of all, Homero Blancas. #Memorial #PGATour

FWIW: #Tiger has won Arnie’s (Bay Hill/AP Invitational) and Jack’s (#Memorial) tournaments in the same year three times — 2000, ‘01, ‘09.

I see Rory Sabbatini has gone with the J.C. Snead look at the #Memorial. Nobody wore a hat better than J.C., not even Shingo Katayama.


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