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The D.C. Council is looking to smooth the process for registering a handgun in the District. What’s up with that?

“I’m from the Deep South where everyone in the family has a gun. People should have that right. Guns don’t kill people, people do.”

Floyd Martin, 74, Northwest, retired







“I can see both sides: It’s good for people who want a gun for protection and for people who want to use a gun for sport. I’d want to know how long does the process take under the existing laws, how onerous is it to go through a vision test and what is the rationale behind expediting the process?”

Anne Marie Pippin, 31, Columbia Heights, finance






“I think they should be making it harder because too many innocent people are getting killed, especially children and bystanders. I hate to hear about that.”

Alex Shelman, 49, Northwest, unemployed veteran







“I’m a believer that people should not be [owning] guns unless it is absolutely necessary. They should be making the regulations stricter.”

Miriam Ganem, 23, Columbia Heights, non-profit organization

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