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After Huntsman drops out, McDonnell still mum on endorsement

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Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell wants a current or former U.S. governor to be the party’s standard-bearer for the presidential nominee. So with former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. dropping out, that field has been winnowed to either Texas Gov. Rick Perry or former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Is Mr. McDonnell, fresh off a trip to South Carolina, where he attended a presidential town hall hosted by Rep. Tim Scott, ready to endorse?

Not quite yet, he told reporters Monday.

“Well, I said I would really prefer a current or former governor, so the field just shrunk,” he said. “I’m still evaluating pretty carefully… . I’ll let you know if I make an endorsement.”

Mr. McDonnell said he did not meet with any of the presidential candidates on his jaunt to South Carolina, which holds its primary on Saturday, but that he was “very honored” to receive the invitation from Mr. Scott.

Mr. McDonnell, the chairman of the Republican Governors Association whose name frequently pops up in discussing possible vice presidential picks, continues to see his national political stock rise. He is also scheduled to appear at the Missouri Republican Party’s Lincoln Days next month.

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