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What's up with that?

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Six months after the Aug. 23 earthquake, the Washington Monument is still closed and awaiting repairs. What’s up with that?



“It’s good for D.C. because I still have a reason to come back. This is my third trip, and I still haven’t gone up the Washington Monument.”

Kevin Barnes, 39, Birmingham, Ala., logger







“I had heard it was fractured. However long it takes to get fixed, we need it.”

Stacey Barnes, 34, Birmingham, Al., dietitian








“There’s plenty of people out of work, but maybe they need specialized people to do” the repairs.

Josh Sher, 42, Miami, mortgage industry







“I don’t think it will affect tourism. D.C. has a lot of other stuff like museums and the White House. [A year’s worth of repairs] I think is pretty long.”

Christy Chen, 28, Miami, hotel industry

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