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Get your popcorn ready for Caps-Flyers

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PHILADELPHIA – There’s that cliché about rivals to “throw out the record books when these teams get together.” That’s not true with the Capitals and Flyers, but it is the case that you can prepare for some entertaining hockey.

Every time the teams have played this season they’ve gone to overtime or a shootout. That could just be a matter of two evenly matched teams.

“You look at their lineup and they have a lot of weapons up front and a lot of good, solid D on the back end,” Caps defenseman Jeff Schultz said. “It’s just two solid teams going at it and keeping it close and bringing it down to the wire.”

The Caps are used to close games – more than half of them have been decided by a goal.

“If you look at the NHL, period, it’s a lot of one-goal games and it’s a lot of tight hockey,” John Erskine said.

To quote Terrell Owens, get your popcorn ready.

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