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  • D1scourse Challenge reaches capacity

    by Patrick StevensPublished August 28, 2008

    The contest is maxed out, but it's worth sharing a few tidbits from the team names.

  • The picks: ACC game-by-game

    by Patrick StevensPublished August 28, 2008

    The dead-tree ACC preview runs tomorrow --- after the first games! Great timing. At the least, here is the backup to the predicted records running in tomorrow's paper.

  • Linked in: Maryland daily briefing

    by Patrick StevensPublished August 28, 2008

    A look at some Maryland season previews from the vast reaches of Al Gore's Invention.

  • Prospect Q&A - Bobby Parnell, Mets

    by Jay LeBlancPublished August 28, 2008

    Taking the lead from A's general manager Billy Beane - he of "Moneyball" fame - and statistics guru/Red Sox advisor Bill James, major league front offices have gone stat-happy over the past decade or so in evaluating both major league talent and amateur players. However, if there were ever a single player that exemplified the continued need for good, old-fashioned scouting work in identifying potential big league talent, it's Mets pitching prospect Bobby Parnell. By Jay LeBlanc.

  • KILL - Prospect Q&A - George Kontos, Yankees

    by Jay LeBlancPublished August 27, 2008

    George Kontos has long impressed scouts with his live arm and good stuff and shown flashes of brilliance, but command issues have prevented him from achieving consistency in his results and reaching his full potential. 2008 was an important year for Kontos - who entered the season ranked by Baseball America as the No. 17 prospect in the Yankees organization - and the 23-year-old righty has responded with an impressive campaign with the double-A Trenton Thunder. By Jay LeBlanc.

  • Obama gets all the Bidens, except Hunter

    by Tom LoBiancoPublished August 27, 2008

    Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama thanked the whole Biden family for its support tonight, in a surprise appearance at the convention, except power-lobbyist Hunter Biden.

  • KILL - Prospect Q&A - Austin Jackson, Yankees

    by Jay LeBlancPublished August 27, 2008

    In high school, Austin Jackson was one of the top high school basketball players in the country and ultimately signed a letter of intent to play basketball at Georgia Tech. But he also showed tremendous potential on the baseball diamond, prompting the Yankees to select him in the eighth round of the 2005 draft and offer him a deal that included an $800,000 bonus. It looks like Jackson made the right choice, as the 6' 1", 180-pound outfielder is now considered the Yankees' top prospect and one of the best in all of baseball. By Jay LeBlanc.

  • Military men outspoken for Obama

    by Bob KewisPublished August 27, 2008

    Five people who spoke in support of Sen. Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention aren't likely to please their former employer.

  • How do you keep new congressmen out of a party?

    by Bob KewisPublished August 27, 2008

    There was just one thing missing from the invitation-only reception for new members of Congress inside a ritzy townhouse in downtown Denver Wednesday.

  • McAuliffe ducks out before Obama's finale

    by Larry TumaPublished August 27, 2008

    Former Democratic Party boss Terry McAuliffe insists he's backing Barack Obama, despite plans to leave Denver before the Democratic nominee's big acceptance speech Thursday.

  • More than a Clinton campaign song?

    by Tom LoBiancoPublished August 27, 2008

    Former President Bill Clinton took the stage here to his old theme song, "Don't Stop," but was it more a look to the future than to the past.

  • Listening to Ralph's radio show

    by Patrick StevensPublished August 27, 2008

    In an atypical move, I listen to Ralph Friedgen's weekly radio show from beginning to end.

  • Five experts on aviation security

    by BLACK & DENNINGPublished August 27, 2008

    By Jeffrey Denning

  • The McCain survival kit

    by Stephen DinanPublished August 27, 2008

    Democrats expect McCain to give those at his convention next week indigestion and a headache.

  • Will he wear a toga?

    by Joe CurlPublished August 27, 2008

    Latest e-mail from the McCain camp.

  • Harnessing the wind

    by Karen Goldberg GoffPublished August 27, 2008

    T. Boone Pickens campaigns to end America's dependence on foreign oil.

  • Nancy Pelosi and the Catholic bishops

    by Julia DuinPublished August 27, 2008

    Advice for the speaker of the House to consider when dealing with the leaders of her church

  • Last call for the D1scourse Challenge

    by Patrick StevensPublished August 27, 2008

    Just three spots left.

  • On the Road to the RNC: Arriving in St. Paul

    by Rod LamkeyPublished August 27, 2008

    Washington Times photographer Rod Lamkey, on the road to the Republican National Convention in Minnesota, captures snapshots of America with his camera and his comments.

  • Updated look at Maryland's freshmen

    by Patrick StevensPublished August 27, 2008

    Just days before Maryland's season opener, it would be no surprise if nearly half of Maryland's 16-man freshman class makes the field this year.

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